Team Members
Industrial Batch Chemical Plant Design

Design layout of a large Industrial chemical plant design.  Batch Reactors and support equipment.  Specifically designed with flammable liquid handling in mind.  

Office Meeting
Continous Hemp Exraction Machine

Design of the worlds largest hemp extraction facility.  The very first continuous hemp extraction unit on the planet.  Super Automated and innovative.  

Office Conversation
Hemp Chemistry

Design of a hemp extract dewaxing system.  Large scale method utilizing safer chemisty than the client originally proposed.

Data Reviewing
Facility Layout

Design layout of a hemp processing facility in the northern part of the country.  Cold ethanol extraction, continuous processing steps, organic high quality products produced.

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Small Projects

Typical Projects, or Equipment Installed


  • Chemical Plant Outages

  • Instrumentation Upgrades

  • Control Valves

  • Existing Plant Renovations

  • Batch Reactor Installations

  • Molecular Sieve Solvent Dryers

  • Solvent Extraction Systems

  • Laboratory expansions

  • Rosenmund Filter Dryer

  • Agitator Systems

  • Piping Systems

  • Centrifugal Pumps

  • Mass Flow Meters

  • Crystallizers

  • Relief Valve Sizing

  • Flammable Liquid Storage Tanks

  • Distillation Columns

  • Automation Equipment

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • HMI screens and PLC's

  • Milling Equipment